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Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
is for sure, he's a security pioneer and more recently an international fugitive. we'll have john mcafee's candid interview with raj mathai, what he says about the media storm surrounding him. >>> and right now on the radar, things are relatively dry after a warmer day around the bay area but changes are ahead and they're really going to drop our temperatures and keep a chance of some showers in our forecast. we'll show you that when we come back. >>> a legal marijuana grow business is out of business tonight. police found about 400 marijuana plants at the home on dixon road. they had a street value of approximately $600,000. police then searched the second home and arrested 38-year-old ho. he's in jail for illegal marijuana cultivation and theft of utilities. >>> protecting the state's big cats. california's mountain lions may get more state protection under a law introduced on the peninsula. three mountain lions including two cubs were fatally shot by game wardens over the last two years prompting state senator hill to propose a bill giving wardens nonlethal alternatives to dealing
Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
happen. then again, there's nothing normal about this super bowl. jim and john harbaugh, you know the story, and not to be forgotten, jay harbaugh, the 23-year-old son of jim harbaugh. jay works for the ravens. all sorts of harbaughs here. a series of reports. scott budman in san jose with the last-minute travel rush for fans and, how about this, news of slashed ticket prices. we begin with ahmed fareed. i hear music in the background. take it away now. >> reporter: yeah, raj, they are partying here in new orleans, the party city. that would make sense. harbaugh versus harbaugh storyline was in danger of being tapped out two weeks ago but both jim and john did a good job turning that focus on the players. but today that focus got turned back on jim and john, the h harbaugh brothers in the cross hairs once again. they were making some nfl history. our own mindi bach with the story. >> reporter: for the first ever joint super bowl press conference featuring both head coaches. jim harbaugh arrived in his typical coaching attire, perhaps signaling an end to his unusual friendliness wi
Jan 30, 2013 6:00pm PST
model. jim says it's great that our dad was our hero and john says the same thing. jack always says they get the passion and the reason they're a little fired up because of jackie harbaugh. >> i just think we both have a lot of passion for what we do. and i think my role has been always that i made sure that my sons and my daughter respect what jack does and understands what he does as a father, and that's the most important thing for me as a mother, that they understand that. and they do respect him, and they do love him so much. >> jack, when you were driving them around in the back seat and you'd look around and say, i don't care what we're doing, who's got it better than us? john told me he was a little ticked jim brought that to the niners. he wished they brought it to the ravens. >> i think he shared that with me as well. i saw john got one with enthusiasm. >> which jim uses, too. >> john snuck that into his press conference today trying to get a one-up on jim. >> no, but i think that one we used to say more than anything. >> reporter: attack the day? >> attack the day. and th
Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
't have to be reminded to leave it all on the field. john henry smith has more on one of the toughest 49ers, frank the tank. >> reporter: frank gore was part of some lean years in san francisco, but he never lost faith in the players on the roster. >> i knew we had talent. i knew we had the guys do. it like patrick vernon, you know, justin smith, you know, crabtree. you know, the list can go on. you know, we've had the guys. we just -- we had the people in front of us to lead us the right way. >> reporter: now gore is leading. while much of the national talk has been about the ravens trying to win one for ray lewis, the 469 are focused on winning -- 49ers are focused on winning for guys like randy moss and frank gore. >> made me feel great knowing that guys got respect for me. you know, they knowing how much i love the game of football. you know, know that i'd do whatever it take to win it for them. you know, we went through hard times. i've been here since '05, and it took me, what, eight years, seven years to get to the playoffs. that's tough. >> frank is a leader on the team. he defin
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm PST
's been all harbaugh all the time at the super bowl and more of that tomorrow as jim and john, the two head coaches in this game, will hold a joint press conference. coming up later in sports, we'll talk more 49ers and jim kozimor will be here talking about vernon davis and why this is the best year of his life. reporting live from the super bowl in new orleans, ahmed fa read, nbc bay area news. >> nice work and great exclusive access for dave feldman and jim harbaugh. be careful of that new kaepernick jersey you just bought. counterfeiting combined with technology means modern crooks can counterfeit almost everything including super bowl gear. investigators from homeland security and customs enforcement displayed stacks of 49er footballs, hats, jersey t-shirts, today in san francisco. they aren't for sale. all of this is evidence part of a hall of more than $330 million worth of phony nfl merchandise seized in the bay area alone as part of operation red zone. agents targeted items sold online and right on your neighborhood street. >> just my own personal experience yesterday i was com
Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm PST
. this afternoon to begin their final preparation for super bowl xlvii and upon arrival their head coach john harbaugh spoke with the media and he told everyone what this trip means to his team. >> this is pretty cool. this is pretty exciting. we're excited to be here. we're thrilled to be here. on behalf of the baltimore ravens, the entire organization, the city, the greater baltimore area, maryland. ravens fans everywhere, we're proud to be participants in the sup super bowl. we'll do our best to play our best in this game. >> so both teams in town. now we'll have to wait until sunday for super bowl xlvii. coming up later on in the 6:00, we're going to have the streets of the crescent city. that's coming up later on in sports. and, raj, i'm going to work on that extra ticket for you. from the banks of the mississippi, i'm jim kozimor. >> and jessica. >> don't forget about me! don't leave me out of this. >> no, no. just one ticket. just one ticket, no, no, no. >> i'll fight raj for it. thank you, jim. okay, there's a new super bowl bet that ensures someone is going to be crabby after the gam
Jan 29, 2013 6:00pm PST
check. back to you. >>> the senate overwhelmingly confirms five-term senator john kerry as the next secretary of state. the final vote in the senate was 94-3. after he's sworn in later this week he'll face a long list of global concerns including iran's controversial nuclear program, security challenges in north africa and the middle east and departmental changes in response to that deadly terrorist attack in benghazi. kerry is replacing hillary clinton who told a global town hall meeting today when she steps down she'll write a memoir about her years at the state department. mrs. clinton had also added she will not be addressing the 2016 election. >>> another change to president obama's cabinet, transportation secretary ray lahood is resigning. the only republican still left on president obama's first term cabinet says he intends to remain in office until his successor is confirmed that will probably be another two months from now. he says working in the cabinet was, quote, the best public service job he's ever had. >>> a horrific discovery in syria today. at least 60 people dead i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7